Like a Thief in the Night documents the less concrete areas of memory, space and time. Here, Breckon sets out the hazy memories of a morning in the family’s Wellington home. In these black and white images light and dark adopt the characteristics of classic signifiers of truth and falsity. Clear memories are illuminated, lit by torchlight during long exposures, while hazy details are obfuscated by shadows. In this way, uncertainty is admitted and details are forsaken in favour of a sheepish honesty. The beam of the torch has illuminated the cardboard walls of a model created in an attempt to conjure up a space and time that cannot really be revisited, and which morphs with each attempt, just as memories shift and change within the archivists mind. Text by Pippa Milne  

Pigment print on Museo rag paper, sizes horizontal 13.5 x 9 inch, vertical 6 x 9 inch